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Posted by Frankly Francis on June 20, 2010 under In The News, Social Issues/Politics | 3 Comments to Read

Some musings, some random thoughts to be further explored, and probably some rambling too:

BP & The Feds

Watching BP dance like a puppet on a string makes me more concerned about the relationship of government and big business.  It’s all a little too choreographed…

Judge Andrew Napolitano reported on Fox News (FYI, I’m no fan of Fox or any other blatantly biased news agency) that Louisiana approved BP to drill at a depth of 500 feet, but the federal government insisted that drilling be done at 5,000 feet.  Oh yeah, that and the deal the feds made (after the Exxon Valdez spill) limiting future legal liability to $75 million for environmental accidents.

If true, that’s a bit of an oil slick for all concerned.  Of course, we, the people, are screwed either way.

Libertarianism Going Mainstream?

Fox (did I mention that I’m no fan of Fox News?) is now airing a libertarian based show hosted by the aforementioned Napolitano.  I never, ever thought I would live to see this day.

Back in the early 80’s when I would mention that I felt an affinity for libertarian philosophy, those that knew what I was talking about would pretty much just laugh at me.  When I gave the explanation of libertarian philosophy to those who didn’t know about it, they would pretty much laugh at me too.

Thus, I have been a big maker of mirth during the last three decades.

Pro Politicians & Political Parties

I am so done with professional politicians and the political parties that they associate with.  Same Old, Same Old, ad nauseum.  Government of the politicians, for the politicians, and by the politicians.

I’d like to vote for the politician who refused to take corporate/special interest (better phrased selfish interest) money, a politician that had no interest in a career in politics, a politician not for sale.

Why do I feel like Diogenes with his lamp looking for an honest man?

Can We Talk?

And furthermore, while Americans have always been a rather contentious and cantankerous lot, I believe that we are in a time when unity may be more important than ever.

We sure could use some open dialogue in this country.

The Economy

I think that there is a very strong possibility that the economy is in a lot worse shape than we are being led to believe.  I’ve been looking at the numbers a little more closely and I don’t like what I see.  I do hope I am wrong.

Additionally, the stock market, as a whole, still seems pricy to me.  I am not comfortable with the typical price-earnings (PE) ratio these days.  This is business risk, not mortgage holding.

Can We Be Done With The Bailout?

I guess I haven’t gotten over the Bailout…seems to me that the systemic risk was a manufactured hysteria (not dissimilar from the terrorist threat routine) to cover government’s basic failure to properly regulate and enforce its own rules.

The idea of giving money to loser parasites so that they can keep their cushy jobs, and do this to us all over again in the future is repugnant to me.

And they did this in plain sight.  Right in front of us.  I have to admit that they are pretty, pretty slick.

War, What Is It Good For?

Were we not in Afghanistan to hunt down Bin Laden and serve him up some American justice?  I believe that our presence there is the longest military engagement in our history.  Yikes!  Seriously, Yikes!

I lived through, opposed and protested against the Vietnam War.  In a relatively meaningless gesture, I even burned my draft card.  I reckon I’m going to have to find my peace signs, beads, incense, and bell-bottom jeans to get out on the front lines once again…if I could only remember where I hid the hookah.

Don’t even get me started on Iraq.


Why do we devote so much of our resources to imperialism when we have more serious human need problems here at home?  If we know so much that we are compelled to police and rule the world, why are we not doing a better job within our own country?  Sentient non- Americans must wonder at our hypocrisy, unless it serves them as well.


Just as the “War on Drugs” fuels the very problem it fights against, the “War on Terrorism” actually produces terrorism.  As in my thoughts above, by removing our overwhelming presence from foreign lands, we will also reduce the threat of terrorism.  That’d be some good blowback for a change.

Give Me That Old Time Religion

My biggest fear for our longevity on this planet is the combination of government & organized religion.  That’s some toxic stew.

In Conclusion

This is how I see things:  We live in a wonderful time and I am blessed to have the life I do.  I must confess that the foregoing is completely rooted in my idealistic hopes for things to be.  Because as good as it is, it really could and should be better.

As I age, I am more cognizant of what I don’t know.  I am more aware that there is no utopian solution to anything.  And I would very much like to think that I am more open to understanding differing points of view.  I welcome all discussion.



  • Chris Kinkade said,

    Hey Fran, Bill Maher has been doing TV for years and he’s pretty much of libertarian. At least he told me so between bong hits at Woody’s house.

  • Frankly Francis said,

    I have enjoyed Bill Maher through the years. A showman yes, but a true out of the box thinker more importantly. Oh, and call me the next time your planning on doing bong hits with him at Woody’s…or just call me the next time your planning on doing bong hits – as I mentioned in my post, I can’t seem to find the hookah!

  • John said,

    totally agree with you on the BP topic. it seems like they are doing way too little to clean up the mess they made and its one huge blame game. with 3 huge companies involved everyone is pointing a finger at a different person. the gov is going to try and sue them for $X but you know damn well after 10 years of litigation the people will only see about 10% of $X. i feel bad for everyone in the gulf coast affected by this.

    as for politicians i couldn’t agree more either. the fact that corporations can donate as much as they want now too only makes matters worse. if politicians weren’t owned by private corporations before they sure are now.

    good column!

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