A Letter to the Kids of America

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Congratulations!  As far as recorded history goes, you’ve hit the birth lottery by being born in the right time and place.

Getting here before you, for the most part, the hardest thing my generation has faced was having to get off of the couch to change the TV channel during the pre-clicker days.

Even so, this ain’t utopia…not by a long shot.

So girls and boys, here’s a little synopsis of what your parents are up to these days:  The grown-ups have been raised to believe that the government should not only do its contracted duties, but should also control the economy and social values as well.  The government wants you to think that it is your leader.  It will try to indoctrinate you with these beliefs.  Caveat Emptor.

The plain and simple historical facts show that the government cannot even do its mandated duties to uphold the constitution, much less direct an economy or decide what you should do with your life and body.

But hey kids, to be completely honest with you, the big people think I’m nuts.  They think I’m bonkers because I believe in maximum freedom coupled with personal responsibility.  They think I’ve gone off the deep end with my belief in the idea that government is a necessary evil that should be kept as small as possible.

Moving forward:  In Superman, there is the Bizarro World.  A world where everything’s backward from our world – the “hello means goodbye” kind of backwards.  It’s a pretty weird place.  Their values are scrambled.


Well it’s easy and safe to say that the America of today has really changed from the America as formed.

Night and day.

This has become Bizarro America.

I just thought you should be made aware of that because you are about to grow-up in a very different America than those before you.

And children, I don’t mean to be hard on your parents – they probably mean well.  Do cut them some slack because raising you is not the easiest of things.  But they have given away their birth rights and now they are giving yours away too.

The adults expect you to be responsible and do the right things, so there’s nothing wrong with asking them why you will have to pay for their expenses and life style.  There’s nothing wrong with asking them why you have to be less free because of their actions.

To that point, here are some current and recent items that the government has taken control of (or influences in a big way) that impact the quality of your life:

Unemployment is ridiculously high…

Almost 10 years later, with two never ending wars killing our men and women for no good reason while consuming oodles and boodles of cash and creating brand new terrorists, where’s Osama Bin Laden?

Your individual portion of the growing federal debt is $45,741.  Your individual portion of the un-funded debt is over $363,000.  Welcome to America!  Being born into debt must feel a little wrong…

Foreclosures abound and in the wings there are too many homeowners that are underwater (27% according to Zillow), meaning that they owe more than their house is worth…

Our government officials are happy to be bribed by big business.  It’s the best government money can buy!  Bailouts and monopolies and tax breaks all over the place…

The Fed is printing money with reckless abandon, apparently with the intention of completely devaluing the dollar…

Government workers earn significantly more than their private counterparts – did I mention Bizarro America?

Relative to price and earnings, the stock market is overvalued, maybe substantially…

The federal government today spends $3 for every $2 that it receives in taxes, and is enthusiastic to spend even more.  The U.S. debt is rising by over $4.11 billion per day…

Home prices continue to slide…

The government thinks that somewhere in the Constitution that it has the power to mandate and force citizens to buy health insurance…

Soon 1 in 5 Americans will be receiving their food from the government.…

44 States will spend more than they take in, while increasing their future obligations to unsustainable levels…

The government wants us to believe that if we would spend all our money that we would have even more – We can spend our way into prosperity!

This is not my idea of the American Way…

…This is my idea of insanity.

Government Gone Wild.

I haven’t sent this to scare you children, just to make sure that you are aware.  And if you are mad, I would remind you of an adult expression – “if you’re not angry, then you’re not paying attention.”

Oh, and by the way, America is first and foremost an ideal, secondly a place.  Don’t get caught up in nationalism – if you stay true to yourself, everyone benefits the most.

You can be free on a planet that is far from free.  If you want it.


Mr. Francis

  • Steve Headrick said,

    oh, and kids, you will have to WORK harder for less –
    Mommy and Daddy will be having a hard enough time keeping you housed and fed – So you might wanna learn how to do that if you want things like a car and an education – You are only get PART of what you put forth the effort for – and if you work hard enough, you MAY still be able to live the ‘American Dream’ that has turned into such a nightmare for all of us . . .
    Great words again Fran – thank you

  • User Loser said,

    Biggest problem this country has is that it is being ruled by the wealthy for the wealthy. Keep electing millionaires and it will stay that way.

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