Some Thoughts on Common Courtesy

Posted by Frankly Francis on February 18, 2009 under Personal | 3 Comments to Read

I find myself more and more often in the midst of unhappy and uncivil people.  There’s a certain element of being a good American and being abrasive, but there are reasonable alternatives too.  I prefer common courtesy and civil politeness.

Fundamentally, we are all orbiting the sun together on the planet we call Earth.  There are very big things out there more worthy of our time and consideration than the pettiness that we all too often spend our valuable time on.

Some specific observations:

It is never a good idea, under any circumstance, to piss-off the cook or waiter before you get your food.  Anyone who has ever worked in the food service industry knows this.  Trust me.  And please tip your service staff generously if they serve you well.

All too often I have an idiot driver in front of me.  More often than not it is an elderly person.  Just remember, that could be your parent or grandparent and how would you like them treated by others?  Once it actually was my parent.  People of all ages have bad days and do stupid things while driving.  I have, tell me that you haven’t…cut some slack.

If you go to a drive-thru window, expect to be screwed.  That’s just the price we pay for convenience.

I’ve lived through the Modern Feminist Movement.  I believe in equal pay for equal work.  I know that there is a difference between men and women.  Personally, I like that difference and respect it.  Therefore, treating a woman, as a lady does not nullify any equality under the law, it just shows a respect for the other gender.  Furthermore, I do not understand why women are more willing to be subjugated by popular culture today than they have in the past.  As a man, I find it embarrassing.  Makes no sense to me, but maybe I’m getting too long in the tooth….

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, never, ever, underestimate the power of a random act of kindness or a senseless act of beauty.  It’s such a selfish thing to do because it feels so good.  The “Pay it Forward” and “The Butterfly Effect” of doing something nice for someone – you just never know what good it will produce.



  • User Loser said,

    The other day I was driving down Main ST in the Village of Williamsvile trapped in traffic. In the oncoming lane there was a BMW SUV going I would say 60 miles an hour. Suddenly it started sliding around and for a second there I thought it was going to hit me. The Cop who was stuck in traffic with me didn’t do a thing. That is the sad state we have fallen into. First someone with the position and resources to buy a BMW SUV could be so selfish and foolhardy to risk speeding through a area so densely populated. To have a policemen so irresponsible to just sit there and let such a person turn around their vehicle and drive away. This is the sad state of life in America today. From the top to the bottom that is America today. Wall St Washington Williamsvile I’m sure if I were smoking a joint the cop would have done something.

  • Steve Headrick said,

    But would the cop have done anything to you for smoking the aforementioned ‘wicked weed’ if YOU were driving the $60K BMW? The ‘Golden Rule’ seems to still apply in good ole WMSVL …. Those who have the gold …. feel entitled to do anything they damn well please!
    (BTW – they DO own the road, so please have a little more respect – they LET you drive on it, don’t they?)…

    One of my gripes is the lack of courtesy in super market checkout lines, from the people who see another person with 1 item, and proceed to unload their overstuffed cart instead of letting the ‘quick’ transaction go first to the folks who obviously don’t have any basic math skills with 200 items in the ‘express’ lane.
    Maybe these folks drove their BMW SUV to the store? ….

  • Debbie said,

    The only thing I have to say is that regarding bad drivers…go ahead and have a bad day or be an old person…just stay in the right lane…PLEASE!! My own personal mission to clear the left lane of idiots!! Thank you! 🙂

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