The DeadBeats

Posted by Frankly Francis on February 26, 2009 under Music/Musicians | 8 Comments to Read

The DeadBeats World Tour – Coming Soon To A Town Near You!

(L-R) u.Jimi, Fran, Eddy & Wild Bill

(L-R) u.Jimi, Fran, Eddy & Wild Bill

My latest band, The DeadBeats, is the best band ever to never perform.

With a little luck and a whole lot of lack of effort we will be able to hold on to our self-proclaimed title.

We’re working on the endorsements and merchandise deals now.

The DeadBeats don’t take themselves too seriously and neither should you.

At least I can proudly say to everyone I meet, “Hey, I’m a DeadBeat!”



  • Steve Headrick said,

    I love these guys!

    I remember not seeing them play back in the old days!

    (I hope they still have ‘Inna-Vida-Di-Gadda’ on their setlist – rock and roll is my life!)

    The reclusive ‘super-group’ returns!

    I am officially a DeadBeat-Head!

  • Chest Rockwell said,

    Coming soon to a retirement home near you…

  • Rocker1 said,

    golly them DeadBeats thats Rock and Roll

  • Rocker1 said,

    WOW one hour 45 minuts guitar solo

  • Rocker1 said,

    I never do anything, nothing no no nada nothing Love… Billy Bob Tommy Joe Hernandas Arnone Brown AKA JONES

  • Rocker1 said,

    herd them famous last words 430 lets go

  • User Loser said,

    Isn’t that stupor group?

  • Steve Headrick said,

    Time for fan mail!
    Suzy C. from Tuscon, AZ writes:
    “I think you guys are dreamy. Have you ever appeared in Tiger Beat?”

    Angelina J. from Hollywood, CA pens:
    “Which one is the lead singer – I dig leading men”

    Becky P. from Des Moines, IA asks:
    “When is your CD gonna be available on iTunes?”

    Steve H. from Raleigh, NC opines:
    “I just got done sorting through your fan mail, and
    It was ALMOST 17% positive! You guys ROCK!!!”

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