John Stewart On CNBC & Financial Advice

Posted by Frankly Francis on March 9, 2009 under In The News | Read the First Comment



I’ve been suspicious about the sage financial advice provided by the media, especially from people that yell a lot.  The Daily Show’s segment (above) confirms my cynicism.

I am amazed that the media, and the government as well, can so easily get away with such abuse of fiduciary responsibility.  On the other hand, it doesn’t seem that the American people really care about it either…Could there be a connection?



  • User Loser said,

    It is really sad when you have to rely on a Comedy Show for real responsibility/journalism. I’m generally of the liberal mode so when I hear the fascist media declared liberal I really feel violated. When you look at say the Washington Post the Neo-Con toilet paper how can you feel sorry that they are going belly up. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those who is comfortable with the demise of the newspaper but I would worry more if they didn’t seem to be more propaganda organs than true journalistic enterprises. Just look at the way Wapoo(Washington Post) covers Israel literally they seem to view Israel as the 51 state so it can do no wrong. Israel was the biggest mistake that Truman made other than using the Atom bomb. I don’t even think that Israel is good for Jews. I would say Israel legitimizes antisemitism in a way that will ultimately will cause another Holocaust. Israel has self segregated Jews to make it real easy to try to kill them off easily. Washington warned of foreign entanglements Israel is a foreign entanglement we can’t afford but seems to be a weird zombie friend who sponges off us and spies on us and shoots at us without any kind of accountability. Which brings me to the fact that the Daily Show was the only place where I heard anything against the incursion(genocide?) in Gaza which again is strange since the host is Jewish. But I knew that there are lot of Jews that aren’t smitten with US policy twords Israel.In the United States we have a zombie press corps that is incapable of doing their jobs so deserve to die.

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