The Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Posted by Frankly Francis on January 11, 2010 under Music/Musicians | 4 Comments to Read

How can the Holidays be complete without experiencing The Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

For reasons of obvious bias and lack of neutrality, I must state that I have known Trans-Siberian Orchestra Co-Founder and Musical Director, Bob Kinkel, since childhood.  We have never been close to BFF and in many ways are very different, but we have enjoyed performing together back in the days .  Yet, our mutual interests make knowing Bob that much more special to me.  As I am, needless to say, rather proud of him, I look forward to profiling Bob in a future post.

TSO in concert is Spectacular Spectacular!  The combination of so many musicians, the musical arrangements, lighting & pyrotechnic effects, and choreography make for an intense experience.

Each season, the performance (in two sets) is based on the traditional program consisting of the story and songs of “Christmas Eve and Other Stories”  followed by a set of selected TSO songs, this year featuring songs from their new release “Night Castle.”

This was the second time that I have seen TSO perform.  I enjoyed it more than the first.

They certainly have a great outlook.  Here’s what Co-Founder Paul O’Neill recently said in an article in the Detroit Free Press – “”We spend more on pyro in two months than most of the rock world does in an entire year,” O’Neill said with a laugh.  “Our first duty is to the fans, to give them the best show for their dollar. We realize that entertainment is not a necessity of life, but human beings need moments of joy, or at least moments that are stress free. When you’re not worrying about what’s outside the arena, the body gets to recharge its batteries. The underlying story is about hope.”

And they are obviously doing something right as Billboard recently ranked TSO as the highest grossing winter tour.

Frankly Francis, Bob Kinkel & Debbie Backstage 2008

Next Holiday Season, do yourself a favor and spend a night with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I am already looking forward to it.



  • Damien Failla said,

    This is one of my favorite technique bands, F**king amazing. Check these two videos, will be very satisfied.

  • Judy Cohen Stanton said,

    Fran, I have to agree that they are all excellent musicians, the show is truly spectacular, and frankly, Bob K is still a cutie. I have many friends who are huge fans of TSO, but it’s not my thing. I’ve never gone to a show, but I’ve seen their xmas special and some Youtube video. I find it to be sort of a “Spinal Tap Xmas’, albeit w/o the screwups.

  • Judy Phelps said,

    I agree, Fran, in encouraging people to see TSO next holiday season! The music is fabulous -there is such an amazing collection of talent onstage! And how many shows can be so thoroughly enjoyed by multiple generations of people? TSO audiences are filled with parents and their kids, grandparents and their grandchildren. An added bonus, Bob Kinkel, our high school classmate (the musical director, performer, composer and one of the founders of TSO) is so incredibly kind and gracious. Knowing the message of goodwill and kindness in the TSO show is real and heartfelt, makes the show a true feast – not only for the senses, but also for the soul.

  • John Davis said,

    This was my fourth season to see TSO and they once again blessed us with a spectacular performance. These guys are true professionals, best of the best and they give you 100% every performance. My mechanical mind is fascinated with the stage, lighting, effects, and fabulous sound they produce. It would be cool to see them put it all together as it’s done in record time by a well seasoned crew. They should profile TSO on an episode of Modern Marvels it’s well deserved. Looking forward to next season!