Are We Trying to Reach the Future Through the Past?

Posted by Frankly Francis on November 7, 2010 under Social Issues/Politics | Be the First to Comment

People can certainly be savage, but there is great nobleness within us as well.

People can certainly do stupid things (re: amending the constitution to prohibit alcohol), but we also do some wonderful things.  As Sir Winston Churchill said, “Americans always do the right thing.  After they have tried everything else.”

People can actually want to be controlled by authority and be told what to they can do, but even the densest of us knows that this experience, whatever it may be, should be uniquely our own to live our own way.

And I think that if We the People would stop to think about it, we would take cognitive note of the vast difference between Patriotism and Nationalism.  Seriously.

Time marches on.  In life, the only constant is change.

We have been choosing a growing central authority.  I do not think that this is wise.

Kurt Vonnegut, the curmudgeon that he was notwithstanding, was so alienated that his final book was entitled “A Man Without a Country.”

David Bowie wrote the song “I’m Afraid of Americans.”

I certainly understand where they are coming from.  As an American, I’m afraid of Americans.

I’m afraid that we are giving up still revolutionary freedom and liberty in exchange for centralized government control, which historically, at best, doesn’t work as well.

It is really painfully obvious that if we don’t remember the mistakes we made in the past, we are likely to make them again.

From my point of view, we are reverting to the very systems that caused our forebears to come to America in the first place.  Going full circle, so to speak.

Perhaps we are trying to reach the future through the past.

We are putting out fires with gasoline.  It won’t work.

Instead, we must continue the revolution that we were born into.  It’s still the best one yet in recorded history.

Fight the Power Brothers and Sisters.



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