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Cuba Map

 As each President before him has, President Obama renewed the U.S. Trade Embargo with Cuba the other day.  I am reminded that sometimes bigger problems are more easily resolved when smaller problems are dispensed with.

So, let me suggest that we get rid of one needless albatross around our neck – our foreign policy towards Cuba.  It is beyond overkill when one considers our relationship with China.  We deal with the Communist Chinese, why not the Cubans?

Since the Spanish-American War, we have incessantly meddled in affairs of state in Cuba.  I’m not apologizing for America in this regard, but I’m not sure that history speaks all that well of U.S. actions during the last century.  We have, in effect, laid siege upon Cuba in the hopes that if we could deny them enough quality of life type things, they would, in their hunger and despair, rid themselves of their form of government.

What They Did
The installation of a communist government was of great concern and then the missile crisis really freaked us out.  Perhaps they killed JFK?  And of course, they have not had the courtesy to convert to a democratic way of life or at least overthrow Fidel Castro’s regime.

What We Did
Our communist phobia (indeed a serious matter) has led to disproportionate treatment of our neighbor in the Gulf of Mexico.  Naturally, CIA sponsored assassination attempts, support of overthrow efforts, such as The Bay of Pigs Invasion, along with the trade embargo leave the Cubans in the arms of their socialist comrades.  Hello Hugo Chavez!

We should get over it.  I think it is time we put the past behind us and once again become good friends with the Cubans.

If the Cuban people dealt with American tourists and benefited from trade with America, things would change favorably.  Let’s whip some American capitalism and dollars upon the Cuban people and see what that does to their hearts and minds…

Havana at Night

Cuba has been a much loved place by many Americans.  In the past, Havana rocked.  American writers, especially Hemingway, certainly were fans.   Not to mention that I Love Lucy’s Ricky Ricardo is from Cuba.  Babalu!  And then there are those Cuban cigars.