Really, Is There Such A Thing As Love At First Sight?

Posted by Frankly Francis on August 7, 2010 under Personal | Read the First Comment

Well, I’m here to tell you that from personal experience, the answer is yes.

It Begins
I’d like to think that I’ve always been a bit of a romantic, but in high school, I devoted myself to playing in a band for the purpose of lots of sex & drugs & rock-n-roll.  Let me be brutally honest – it worked beyond my wildest expectations!  In fact, it worked so well, by the time I was 18, I was kind of tired of the whole thing…

It Continues
So, I’ve just about graduated from high school and I go to this superb outdoor concert with my girlfriend at the time.  Great bands and great times to be had except that my girlfriend really does not want to be there and really wants to leave.  In fact she’s making me so miserable that leaving is the best alternative.  So we go.

Then It Happens
On the way out, as I’m walking a little behind my soon to be ex-girlfriend, I see a vision of female beauty approaching me:

Tall, blonde, short-shorts (that’s what we called ’em at the time), tube top, dangling earrings, calf-laced platform shoes…yeah, that’s the way it was.

I distinctly remember saying to myself, “I should not be leaving, I should be staying to meet this woman.”  And let me be very clear here, she was a woman, I was still a boy.

I left with my unhappy girlfriend.  So it goes…

Fast Forward
So now I’ve graduated from high school.  It’s 1975 for those who care about carbon dating.  My close friend, Cocaine Corey, suggests that I go to Hairstyling School.  The movie “Shampoo” had just been released (starring Warren Beatty & Goldie Hawn) and Beatty was having a pretty good time.  Seemed like a great idea, so it’s off to become a Cosmetologist.

It Really Happens
First day of Hairstyling School.  I’m surrounded by a lot of very hip people older than myself.  Intimidation is taking its toll on me.  I settle into my chair, but realize that I forgot something, so I leave the room.

At the doorway…right smack dab in the middle of the doorway…I mean, at the exact center of the doorway, I literally walk right into (you may have guessed it) my blonde Goddess from the aborted rock concert a few months before.  The impact is so strong, we literally almost knock each other unconscious.  Not only am I seeing stars, but I’m seeing stars.

She Likes Me
The blonde Goddess, who happens to be a couple of years my senior and maybe not as smart as she should be in picking a guy, actually falls for me and within a few months we are engaged.  About one year later to the day we are married.  A little more than one year after that our first child is born.  Guess we were really stupid or just really in love…


She Still Likes Me
35 years later.  3 daughters and a few grandchildren.  We are still living life’s adventures together.  I tell her she has been punished enough by my presence, but she still lets me in the house.

...and now

Like everyone, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but I would not walk this planet with anyone else.



P.S.  I dropped out of Hairstyling School – I had no talent for it.  But I ended up with a whole lot more than a certificate and a vocation!