Celebrating Other People’s Pain

Posted by Frankly Francis on February 8, 2009 under Personal | 3 Comments to Read

I recently recalled a perspective changing event from my youth.  Thought I would share:

My brother was sick.  Yeah, he was sick, but he wasn’t feeling well either…

Dad said that he had to go see the doctor.

I surmised that there was a good chance that he would have to get a shot.

Oh Yeah, You Know What's Comig

Oh Yeah, You Know What's Comig

The thought of seeing him squirm and in pain appealed to me, so I asked if I could go along.

The doctor visit went like this:

Doctor to my dad: This one’s sick (my brother) – can’t really do anything for him.  How’s the other one (me)?

Dad to doctor: He’s fine, so far.

Doctor to my dad: Well then, I can give him (me) a shot so he won’t get it.

Frankly Francis: YIKES!

So as this little true parable turns out, I got the dreaded injection and my brother got to see me squirm.

Last time I ever thought about seeing pain inflicted upon anyone.  As usual, I learned my lesson the hard way.